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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Canadian DMCA....or not?

One of the blogs I read fairly often is Michael Geist's - it's a great place to keep abreast of what's happening in the Canadian world of copyright. One of the things I've been following with interest is the "new" DMCA bill.

There's a rather large group of consumer's against this, though apparently the law makers (ie Industry Minister Jim Prentice) refuse to pay heed to their concerns, choosing instead to crawl into bed with the industry.

For those of you interested in the debacle, Michael Geist is worth reading.

Besides the current fare, there are some interesting links on his site.

iOpt Out - a site where you can sign up to "opt out" of call lists (ie: a "Do Not Call" List) from telemarketers. There's not nearly enough marketers listed, but it's a start. Oh yes, and it's for Canadians - and it's a free service offered by Michael Geist. (Yay Mike - thanks a heap!)

Fair Copyright for Canada - Facebook Group

Michael's site is one of the most comprehensive site I've had the pleasure of reading for Canadians. I'd easily recommend having this on your "daily reading list".

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