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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Working for Charities - Orillia Animal Shelter

One of my ongoing projects is to raise funds, no matter how small, to support our local animal shelters. In our efforts, we have donated food, clothing, toys, mostly for cats, but there are plenty of dogs too.

The local shelter is also in need of volunteers for cleaning, dogwalking, and fostering animals in their homes until they can be adopted out to loving families.

They do a wonderful job caring for strays - particularly cats and kittens as there are always so many, but much of the funding goes to pay vet bills to help these ailing animals (as well as abused animals that have been rescued) return to health.

I am selling a number of products I call "charity sales". While there is some manufacturing fees attached to these works, I don't collect or profit from those fees - the manufacturer does. What I collect in profit is donated to the shelter as I am able to collect the funds from the site. Profits that I receive are not much more than $1 or so per sale (sometimes as much as $2), so building enough to do some good takes a while.

Currently, there aren't enough profits for me to receive payment from the sites yet, however, our shelter recently sent out a plea for help - they were in dire straights when it came to food for the animals - they were essentially scraping the bottom of the bags.

The next day I purchased roughly $100 worth of food and sent it to the shelter (approximately 8 times what I have in profit waiting to be collected).

I am now starting a drive to increase the sales of these items in order to help the shelter regularly.

Some of the items (bumper stickers) have been designed specifically to raise awareness for animal shelters, not just our local shelter - these bumper stickers can be used anywhere to help your own shelters.

Please help support animal shelters world-wide by using these bumper stickers.

For those in the United States, this US Postage will not only generate donations to my local shelter, but provide you with real US Postage Stamps that will bring a smile to any who see this little lost waif.

Why not grab a few of these cards to go along with that postage? This image is of a feral kitten - we fed this little sweetie, along with three siblings and mamma & pappa for a summer, but feared for them over the winter months so we took them to shelter (the whole family) where they were cared for and fed, and where they eventually found homes.

For the dog lovers, here's a cutie - she was a stray rescued by friends in Georgia (US). She has since become a treasured family pet.

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