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Friday, January 16, 2009

Redbubble Strikes Again

Early this morning over on Redbubble there’s a new promotional tool that has some folks “up in arms”. They’ve thoughtfully provided a flash sales widget for our work.

That one above is from my own site on Redbubble

What some of the folks are complaining about is that they’ve created these widgets for all the groups as well, which allows work submitted to groups to be displayed in widgets wherever anyone wants to use them.

Myself, I don’t have an issue with this – it is promotional, and it is, after all, a flash widget. Most people using something like this on a blog or myspace/facebook aren’t likely going to try and decompile the swf file to get the images out…even if they did, they are pretty small.

What I do think is that RB should probably put an “opt in” button for group works – when you submit images to a group you have the choice of allowing your work in a widget, or not. That should satisfy almost everyone…though it makes more work for coders.

Here’s the flash widget from our Naked Genius Group:

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