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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Photography for Non-Professionals – Part 2

A pretty image of a gray tabby cat sleeping on the hem of a vintage wedding dress, ©J. Gracey StinsonIn Part 1 of this series we talked about some of the things you shouldn’t do in trying to gain experience.
Today, we’re going to explore a little bit of the creative side of weddings and how you can begin to train yourself to “see” what others may not.
Once, wedding photos were fairly standard, mostly not very exciting, but very traditional. Modern trends have changed wedding photography in some respects. While most will still want some of the traditional wedding party shots, many will want something different and unique. Something that “fits them” and shows who they are.
Coming up with unique ideas can be challenging, but it is also worth the effort.
To get the creative mind flowing, start by working at home – in a romantic image of white Roses on white lace, ©J. Gracey Stinsonsmall studio if you have one. You don’t have to have a studio though: an empty corner in any room will do. These exercises don’t take much space. If you have access to a wedding dress, that’s great – set it up and use. If you don’t, you can use lots of other things. Shoes, handbags, pearls, gloves, white lace and other fabrics, wedding rings, greeting cards – almost anything that might say “wedding, romance, marriage” if it were displayed in the right setting.
soft romantic image of wedding dress laid on bed with floral bouquet, ©J. Gracey StinsonSpend time arranging objects to make a pleasing display; photograph each as if it were a still life. Try arrangements that are unusual, or in settings you don’t normally think of as romantic.
This might seem like a useless exercise, except that it will help open your eyes to settings and events at or during the wedding that you might not otherwise notice. Things that can provide a unique view of the wedding – a tipped wine glass, spent wrapping paper after gifts are opened, confetti image of a limo's bar showing crystal glassware and red napkins, ©J. Gracey Stinsonand streamers on the dance floor among the feet of dancers. Look for different angles, and unusual lighting.
The trick is to stay aware of as much going on around you as you can. If you have an opportunity to attend a wedding as a guest, then you put this into practice. And while these images aren’t likely to be a major component of the wedding album, being able to do this sort of work helps you train yourself to provide creative imagery to couples looking for something more than the ordinary.
image showing male and femal hands with wedding rings, ©V. Hickey, posted with permission copyright 2009, Veronica Hickey
(image posted with permission)
Be creative, and have fun while you do it! Til next time peeps :)

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