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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Horizontal 2010 Calendar Template

I've noticed the calendar templates seem to be pretty popular, so I've done up a new 2010 Horizontal Calendar Template, with a bit more flexibility than the vertical one. This one, however, doesn't have as much inlcuded for decoration, but I bet you can figure out how to add your own by now.

This calendar has each month on a separate layer, so you can decide where you want to place the month - in standard calendar format, staggered format, in a circle - whatever design you want to create with the months is up to you.

sample image of the calendar showing staggered month lines as viewed in photoshop with the guides showing

Using the guides in photoshop will help you line up vertical and horizontal rows evenly.

The heading (2010 Calendar) is editable, so you can change the font, or the colour, or remove/replace it altogether.

The only design elements included with this horizontal version are some aged "polaroid" picture frames.

The calendar is designed to print at 13" high X 19" wide at 300dpi. Reducing the dpi to 200 or 250 will get you an even larger print size, suitable for poster printing.

Here's a sample view (click to view larger sample):

2010 horizontal-style calendar with family photos, copyright J. Gracey Stinson

For those whose editing software doesn't accept .psd (photoshop format) files, the calendar with blank picture frames is available in .jpg format. If your software has layer functionality, you can still insert your images, but you must ensure they fit within the frames by placing your image over the frame, resizing or cutting away the parts that don't fit and rotating them to sit properly in place. If your software doesn't support layers, draw your own pictures or doodles in the frame, or fill it with text.

Both files are under my copyright, but free to use. You may not claim ownership of my .psd or .jpg file, but your completed calendar is yours and you may place your copyright on any altered, finished calendar, so long as it is not the original file.

You may not redistribute my .psd or .jpg file (either for free or for sale), and you may not link directly to the download file. You may, however, link to this page or blog in order to share the free template.


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Thanks a lot, this is so timely for as I'm making my christmas gifts in advance. :) You saved me a lot of time!

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well, nice template, thanks a lot
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