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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photoshop Elements 6 - Making a Brush in PSE6

A quick little tutorial to show you how to make your own custom brushes using Photoshop Elements 6.

It's a reasonably simple process - using an image, or text or even a drawing of your own. Just a couple of steps - no isolation necessary.

Take the image from colour to black and white, tweak a little and save as a brush. If you want to share your custom brushes with friends, select the brush, open your preset manager, save as a new set in a different location (ie: create a folder in "My Documents" called "My Shared Brushes") and your new brush is ready to share with other users.

It's all in the tutorial. Oh yeah, and here's the brush created during the making of the tutorial (see the license below).

Download the Canadian Flag Brush for PSE 6 HERE - to place the brush in your program unzip the file (the brush download is in a zip file) and open the Photoshop Elements 6 folder on your computer and then open the presets folder. Put the file in the "Brushes" folder. (typically, the path would looke something like this: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Elements 6/Presets/Brushes)

Brush License: You may use this brush for personal or commercial artwork. You may not share this brush with friends; you may not give away this brush on another website or in any other collection; you may not sell this brush; you may not claim ownership or copyright to this brush. You may not link directly to the download file. You may, however, link to this page, or share this page link with friends.

The tutorial can be downloaded by clicking HERE. 
This pdf is password protected. The password to open the file is notheft.

If you want to share any tutorials on my site with friends, please link to the tutorial page, and not to the download file. I have had to move some of my files to different locations when I updated my website, so some of the old download locations no longer exist. The tutorial pages, however, will be updated with the new location.

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