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Monday, August 17, 2009

Photoshop Quick Tip #3 - Soft Vintage Style

A very quick tutorial today - number three in the Photoshop Quick Tips series. This one will take you from an ordinary photo to a soft, faded vintage feeling in a couple of quick steps, using only the tools that come in photoshop.

Because of the limited tools used in this one, it should work in Photoshop Elements, or any other photo editing program that allows the use of layers, and gaussian blur.

Once you are familiar with the steps in this tutorial, you can take a photo from original to soft vintage in five minutes or less.

photo of a young girl in pink top and blonde pony tail photoshop edited image to achieve a soft vintage feeling, young girl in pink top with blonde hair

How intense you make the effect is up to you simply by adjusting the opacity of the layers.

Download the PSQuick Tips #3 Tutorial in .pdf format here.


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