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Monday, August 3, 2009

Remake of the Calendar Tutorial - Updated for 2010

I figured it was way past time to update my old calendar tutorial. The last template I put out was 2008. The new one is 2010 and comes with 4 different designs, as opposed to 1.

Here's a sample of the full calendar, using one of the designs that comes with it. It is designed to print @300dpi as 19" high X 12.5" wide (that's a size that can be printed on wide-carriage printers, or by a print shop), but if you reduce the dpi (which can be done for printing on poster paper) you can get a rather large sized calendar out of it - possibly as large as 36" high. This is the "Patriot" set.

sample 2010 calendar with template showing the American Patriot design set, ©J. Gracey Stinson(Patriot - Set C)

Each set has individual components on separate layers in the .psd file. This means you can enable whatever components you want for each set, and turn off the ones you don't want. You can even mix and match components from each different set to create your own design.

2010 Calendar Template - Retro Film, Set A, ©J. Gracey Stinson
(Retro Film - Set A)

2010 Calendar Template - Country Swirls - Set B, ©J. Gracey Stinson
(Country Swirls - Set B)

2010 Calendar Template - True North Canadian design, Set D, ©J. Gracey Stinson
(True North - Set D)

The background itself holds the entire calendar for 2010 and each set has a spot for including your own photo.

Simply open the .psd file in any program that is compatible with the file type psd. (This was created in Photoshop CS3.) Turn on the components you want by clicking the little eye beside each layer. Layers are labeled (ie: photolayer Set A, Frame layer Set A etc.) so you know which ones belong to each set. Once you have enabled the set you want, open your own photo and place it over the photo on the photo layer, resizing it by using the transform function (on the menu select "edit" then "free transform" then "scale").

When you are done, flatten the layers (all the layers that are turned off/invisible will be removed in the flattening) and save the file as a .jpg. If you reopen the .psd file, all the layers will still be there and you can start fresh with another design or the same design and a different photo.

You can download the .psd template file for the 2010 Calendar by clicking here.
(Large File Warning!)

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