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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Free Photo Frames

Here's a couple of free frames you can download to use for scrapbooking or in your own image designs.

This first is the photo frame from the last tutorial - it was part of that picture, so I've isolated it and put it on a transparent background as a .png file. You simply slip it over one of your own images and position it.

For anyone who isn't aware of what the .png format is, it's an image format that allows you to save the background as transparency - something like the .gif format, but better. Almost any program that can open a .gif or .jpg will open the .png format. And it's a much smaller size than a native photoshop file (the .psd). It also means more people can make use of it - not everyone has photoshop and not every program can open a photoshop file.

This next one is a much larger file and is a frame with matte included. It's also a .png and you use it the same way. Slip it over your image and flatten.

I didn't get a chance to finish up my next tutorial since I've been busy with other things, so hopefully, these peace offerings will be useful until the next tutorial is done.

The next two free give-aways today are just a couple of useful texture brushes...well, I think they're useful, anyhow. One is a graded concrete texture (2500 pixels) in high resolution which comes in pretty handy when working with collage or textured collage images. The other is a nifty wood texture with heavy cracks and rotting bits.

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