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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photographer & Artist Resources - Sell Prints, Get Prints

Here's YARL (yet another resource list)! Most of the sites on this list offer free galleries for photographers and artists, many also offer pro galleries so there is something on this list for the beginner to the professional.

Some, I use myself; some are popular and their names are well known, while others are new or not so well known, particularly among beginners or non-professionals. None are "stock" or "microstock" sites because those are a whole 'nother ballgame that I don't want to get into right now.

Basically the list is meant to help beginners find places to buy and sell prints of their work, whether it's just to friends or family members, or whether they want to sell art prints on a wider scale. Professionals who work in stock/microstock looking for a secondary outlet for some of their work will find some of these sites rather interesting too.

So, without more chatter, here's the list (not a definitive list by any means, but certainly enough to get you started).

Art Rising - art community and sales galleries.

A Singlular Creation - art community and display galleries.

Deviant - an artist community, online shops and galleries.

I started a small gallery at Deviant Art, but by the time I started this gallery I had already spread my work across a number of other galleries, and so far, haven't really bothered to complete this one. If you want to see a sample free gallery, you can visit mine.

My Deviant Art Gallery

Finerworks - sales gallery and online resource for canvas prints.

I have a small gallery here as well, mostly images of local interest. I plan to fill this gallery with only images related to our local area. They offer something in the way of an artist's/photographer's "page" (which they call a website, however, it's not), which you can see a sample of here. My FinerWorks page

Here's one pretty much everybody is aware of - there are millions of user's worldwide. While you can't order prints from flickr, they have onsite partner resources, like Blurb (excellent photo and art books if you use their highest quality paper and hard covers) and other print partners.

Doesn't everyone have a flickr account? My 1st Flickr Account and, My 2nd Flickr Account

Fotki - photography community, photo sharing and galleries.

Greeting Card Universe - while GCU isn't exactly a photo site, or a print site, it's worth mentioning for those who'd love to use their photography or art, or even their children's art to buy and/or sell greeting cards. I use these cards - for my own purchases, and to resell in local shops, and to sell them from GCU worldwide. The card quality is excellent, and I've had good results from them. Prices are reasonable, and become even more reasonable if you order in quantity. You get a discount when purchasing your own work as cards, and you get paid a commission for cards that sell from your shop. I haven't updated my shop in a while, but I still sell cards from here fairly regularly. See a sample of the card shop below.

ImageKind - this site has recently been taken over by "CafePress" - at this point I haven't decided if that's a good thing or not. ImageKind provides free gallery space to display and sell your work as prints, framed or unframed. The available selections for framing and matting choices are what make this a good place for ordering your own, or selling online. Prints are available in a wide variety of paper types, including canvas, with options for archival quality mounting and UV protected glass, among other things. There is a small community here, which I don't find all that active, but it's growing.

ImageKind recently has upgraded the free galleries - at one time you could only have one gallery with a limit of 24 images for a free gallery (this is why I have four separate galleries on IK), but you can now have multiple galleries in one account.

My ImageKind Galleries

KiQlo - prints and photo sharing community. I haven't heard of this one, but it tweaked my interest enough to include in the list.

PBase - another community and photo site that many people are familiar with.

Photobox Pro Galleries - photo galleries - I haven't used this or looked to far into it, but it looks like it might be pretty interesting.

Photo.net - another community for photographers and galleries that has been around a while, and has a fairly high popularity. I don't use it, though I did have (may still be there) an account there at one time.

PhotoReflect - galleries and prints

PicProofs - online prints from your photos and events.

Redbubble - art and photography community, internal sales galleries and storefront galleries (all free). This is a very active community with groups, forums and journals. Apart from the photography and art centers, there is also facilities at redbubble for writers and poets.

Shutterpoint - photography community, galleries and stock sales (minimal). I tried this place sometime back, but it's really not to my liking and I found I had better sales at many other places, however, this site has been going for quite some time with a lot of users, so it's worth looking at for some of you.

Smugmug - a hugely popular photography community for print sales, galleries and photo sharing. This has long been popular among both amateur and professional photographers and offers pro-accounts as well as free.

The Untapped Source - excellent site for art photography and digital artworks. Prints and canvas sales, and gallery.

Sample gallery here.

Webshots - another hugely popular photography site providing both free and pro accounts. This place has been around for a long time.

Zenfolio - online photogalleries, portfolios and community.

Zoto - online photo albums and photo sharing site.

I'd say that's enough of a list to get anyone started, although there are many other options I haven't included - shop sites such as Zazzle, CafePress, Etsy and other similar ones. Perhaps we'll do that another time.

Before I leave you today, I want to share an article that many photographer's in the United States will find of interest. The article, written by USA Today's Andrew Kantor is about the rights of photographers - what you can and can't photograph, and what you can sell out of those photos. While I read this sort of stuff on a regular basis, some of you (especially those who don't sell their work for stock) may not know some of this. It's not terribly long, but it is very enlightening. It's worth a read...probably even worth bookmarking.

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