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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photoshop Quick Tip#5 - Funky Text

Funky up your website headers or greeting card text with these simple layer style techniques for text using photoshop. No special filters are required, just a willingness to have fun and experiment with different texts and layer styles. This simple tutorial has more images showing layer style settings than written instructions, making it easy for almost anyone to follow.

interesting layer styles for funky textInstructions for the first two samples include the colour codes so you can reproduce them easily, and all the samples use the name of the font as the sample text. If you want to obtain the fonts, there's a list of free resources at the end of the tutorial, including the sites where these fonts can be found. It also includes a site link for free contours to give you some other contour options in your layer styles. And, of course if you are handy with a mouse or happen to have a tablet, writing your own text and applying the layer styles can give you a one-of-a-kind text.
hand written sparkly text
Fun, simple and incredibly useful for anyone creating website headers, greeting cards, posters and other images using text.

The password to unlock the tutorial is getthisfromgracey , and you can download the full pdf from this link

font using text masking - image

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