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Monday, September 7, 2009

Slideshows to Go!

Get yourself a free website slideshow, without having to download or pay for software.
You’ve seen them before on lots of blogs…cute, fun, and sometimes musical, the slideshow can let you show a bunch of images without taking up a lot of space in your blog post, or on your website.

How to do it free? With a free-online slideshow site. Remember a ways back when I posted links to all those sites where you could edit your images for free online? Well, this is similar, but this listing is about making slideshows.

This list is probably going to contain a number links to sites that you already know about, because they are pretty popular right now, but I tried to find some that not everyone might be aware of, and there is a couple of sites in beta too.
For the most part, the list is in alphabetical order, without much in the way of recommendations. I’ve only used a couple of them because I usually create my own, but I’ve been known to use these freebies on some of my blog sites.

This next one, “Deep Zoom” is really more of a demo offering by Microsoft. It’s only planning to be online until the end of December, after that, it’s possible that it will be a paid offering.
This offering from imageloop has some slightly different presentations than some of others, making it an interesting addition.


And last, but definitely not least!


That’s a fair sized list, but keep in mind that places like photobucket, imagecave and even picasa provide slideshows and storage space too.

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