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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bridal Planning Calendar Template for Photoshop

Here's a template for a 1-page calendar that you can use to create a unique and useful gift for the bride to be. This calendar template is designed so you can use it over and over again, regardless of the year. Each set of calendar numbers can be moved every year as necessary because every single number is on it's own layer.

That means if you are really determined, you can also change the font style, size, colour and placement of every number, as well as that of the months and the year header.

To make this useful for our bride, we can customize it with her name, and the date of the wedding, as well as any dates already known (bridal showers, meetings with the wedding planner, etc.).

You can use a single background image, like the one shown with the yellow bridal rose, or you can put individual images behind each calendar month. There's a lot of customizing options with this particular calendar - more than most of the others I've made.

The bride can use this along with her wedding planner to set out the time frame for the various arrangements for the wedding: she can track the dates things need to be done by, set dates for shopping for the dress and her bridal attendants dresses, shoes, meetings with the officiant, the venue, dj, photographer and just about everything. This large (18 X 24) one year calendar makes it easy for her to see at a glance what needs to be done, and when.

Wedding planners and photographers might also find this a useful tool for tracking their own appointments.

The Forever Calendar template for 2010 (and every year after that) can be downloaded free from Free-3d-Textures.com

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Zoe! said...

just wanted to thank you. i have been googling and googling an googling for a single page yearly calendar template and this is suitable one i have come across after HOURS of searching. and it's perfect. thanks so much.