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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Stuff!

New stuff on a new site...I've spent the last little while working on my new site (which is why the tutorials have slowed down a little bit), and we're nearly done!

The new site is made up of products and articles from three (well, actually 4) different blogs I write. Rather than spread everything around, now it's on one larger site.

Besides the articles and photoshop & photography tutorials, you'll find free photoshop brushes (mostly texture brushes, but a few graphic brushes), free textures for 3D and backgrounds, free stock photos (that section not complete yet, but we're working on it...there will be 500 or so free photos to start with) for use in blogs, as artist references, in other projects like collage work, etc. Along with that are a few graphic files, and some png files (mostly created for use in games and collage, but still good for blogs).

Coming up in the new site will also be some additional calendar templates (none yet except the previous ones from this blog) and a few other goodies...and yes, they are still all free.

This current blog will get updated, but as you can see, less frequently and will carry mostly articles related to weddings and wedding photography for beginners. That's really why this blog started in the first place...to help beginners get a start in photography.

So, feel free to visit the new site because photoshop and regular photography tutorials will be updated mostly over there.

Thanks to all of you for visiting...because without you folks (readers and visitors), there'd be no reason for a bigger, better site. Bless you all.

Come visit us at Free-3D-Textures.com (and don't let the name fool you...there's lots more than textures)

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