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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding Cards from Photography or Art

Here's an interesting sideline the wedding photographer can use to earn a little extra money, or to give their couple some custom thank you cards or invitations.

Using your photography or artwork, you can create custom designed cards with very little work and list them for sale, or order them for your couple - or they can order and send them directly from the site.

wedding or bridal card for invitation of groomsmen and best manWhere? The site I use is Greeting Card Universe. It's free to join the site and create a shop. You earn commissions from every card sold from your shop, but even better are the options for ordering your own creations. Shop owners get a discount when ordering their own cards, and you also earn a smaller commission on your own orders, plus when ordering in bulk, you get an additional discount.
wedding card for invitation of bridesmaids and maid of honorCustomers can order your cards as well (if you make them public - you have the option for private card galleries, making this a perfect place to send your custom card creations for your bride and groom), and also get discounts on bulk orders. The other thing that makes this a very useful spot for couples to order their cards is that they can select their own custom text for the inside of the card, and they can list names and addresses, and have Greeting Card Universe mail the cards directly to the recipients. Everything is done online, making this an easy-use option for sending invitations or thank you cards.

wedding invitation with diamond and white gold wedding ring set on misty backgroundCreating special invitations that make use of holiday weddings,special wedding card from a father to his daughter on her wedding day such as "Our Christmas Wedding" or "A Valentine Wedding" or any such holiday wedding can add a personalized touch that isn't readily available in many other places. Other wedding related cards that aren't often seen in shops are those special thank you cards to the Pastor or Official, or even to the photographer who did a great job. If you need a card for the fantastic caterer, you can get one of those too. There's even things like a special card for the bride, from her dad on her wedding day.

This would also be a useful resource for wedding planners if the bride and groom are in a time crunch. Pre-designed cards are available already in many shops at Greeting Card Universe, so selecting one and filling in the invitation details and providing a list of addresses makes this a huge time-saver. Cards can be mailed out as quickly as the next day.

wedding card used to invite someone to be the maid of honorVery popular in the US are cards that invite the members of the bridal wedding or bridal card used to invite a ring bearerparty - "Be My Bridesmaid", "Be Our Groomsman", Maid of Honour, Flower Girls & Ringbearer invitations - these are some of the cards that sell most often out of my shop. For me, being a Canadian, it seems rather odd because we haven't seen much of this type of card here. But, since Greeting Card Universe is open to international sales it makes sense to create cards in categories that are popular. You can even create your wedding cards in multiple languages for different cultures.

Of course, you can create all different types of cards for a variety of occasions, but creating a shop specifically geared to weddings could be a good resource for couples and wedding planners, and bring a nice steady income to the photographer who makes use of this.

wedding card of bride in silhouette used to invite maid of honor or bridesmaids

Personalized thank you card from the bride and groom with one of their wedding pictures on the front - the perfect end to the perfect wedding!

thank you photo card with a photo of the bride and groom

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