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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Wedding Favor Template

A couple of weeks back I wrote on do-it-yourself wedding favors for brides on a budget, and how photography can be used to assist the couple.

In that article I mentioned a "green" alternative to the standard wedding favor - a seed packet for seeds you have either purchased in bulk or harvested yourself. Back when I wrote that, I had intended to include a template for a seed packet, but time constraints prevented me from creating one. (See the end of the article for the psd template link.)
free template for wedding seed packet I finally managed to finish the seed packet template so I'm uploading the .pdf file for those of you who might want to use it. In the template you'll find the seed packet pattern, along with a new photo frame I created for the front, as well as a cover image. The cover image should be replaced with one of your own, and you can opt to not use the frame at all simply by turning of it's visibility. The text used in this template is "formal script" but you can select any text you prefer. Each section of text is on it's own layer within the psd file, so you can move, change or delete it.

It's fairly simple to use and of course now that you have the package template you could use any of your own images to create the front. If you really need to slash the budget and have lots of time, then print your own on heavier quality presentation paper. If you have less time and more money, once you have your design completed, save it as a .jpg file and take to a nearby printer and ask them to print as many as you need.

You can download the free Wedding Seed Packet from this link.

It's a short post today, but hopefully a useful one.

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