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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Creating a Text Logo in Photoshop

One of the recent requests I received was how to create a text logo in photoshop. This tutorial will show you how to create a text logo on a transparent background and saved as a .png file to preserve it's transparency.

Saving your logo on a transparent background opens it up for all kinds of uses, from image logos and watermarks to t-shirts and hats. In order to make a multi-purpose logo you need a good design idea to begin with - this doesn't have to be just text, it can include both text and image or graphics. Then you have to make the original file large enough to be suitable for print.

image logo for photography of grace on black background
image logo for photography of grace on white backgroundAnyone working in logo design would normally design their logo in Adobe Illustrator, creating what's called an eps file. This is a file type that is not based on the same technology as the .jpg files we create in photoshop. Photoshop files are based on pixels. Because we are dealing with beginners here, we are going to be working in photoshop (besides, although I do have Illustrator, I'm not very good with it).

image logo on a t-shirtYou'll be creating a design that you can print at 8 X 10 inches. Since it isn't very likely you'll be putting this design on a billboard (at least not right away), this size is more than suitable for marking your printable posters, or for using on your business cards, letterheads, invoices and contracts, and can still be printed large enough for a tee or hoodie. And on top of that, this one design can be used as your website header, or part of your website header and your custom watermark.

An "all-in-one", good-for-everything (almost) image or logo that represents you or your business, or both.

image logo on a canvas tote bagimage logo on a landscape photoThe most difficult thing you'll be doing in this tutorial is typing text and arranging it into a suitable placement. Make sure you select font styles and text layouts that are unique, or that blend well together to create a look that is all your own - after all, you don't want your logo to look just like someone else's - you want it to represent you and your own style.

You can download the tutorial in .pdf format from this link. PLEASE REMEMBER: the tutorial is locked to prevent hotlinking from other sites. If you want to share this tutorial, please just link to this page. The unlock password for this tutorial is: notheft

logo used as watermark on a landscape photo

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