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Monday, March 1, 2010

Using Photo Edges & Frames in Photoshop

Here's a quick and easy way to add some fun framing to your digital photos using photoshop and these free photo edge designs.

Give your image a faded edge look using one of the blurred designs, or give it an old-time framed look. There are currently 8 new edge designs uploaded on Free-3D-Textures.
bicycle rider at dawn with a faded edge photo frame or border
portrait of a young child featuring an old-fashioned bordered photo frameOh, did I forget to mention we're adding a couple of new sections over the next month or two. One will contain photo edges in .jpg format and photo frames in .png format, and the other will contain template files for things like the various calendars and other projects we have on this blog. Having the files available on their own download page will make it a lot easier to find the one you want.

photo frame or edge using flower petalsHere's what one of these photo edge files looks like. These are black and white for a reason. Wherever you see the black will be transparent, and whatever is white is the design that will appear on your image. These are pretty simple to use. You copy the file to a new layer above your image. Select "screen" as the blending method, and voila - a photo edge or frame. These have been around for quite a while...they were pretty popular back when I was first learning photoshop, but I haven't actually seen any for quite some time. These 8 files are brand new - with designs suitable for a variety of home uses. These can be used to frame a greeting card design, or for use in preparing images for collage. You can resize these frames over your image by selecting the "edit" option from your photoshop menu, then select "free transform" option and drag the frame to fit your image.
photo of 4 children in a forested setting using a photo frame
portrait of 4 childrent with photohshop framed edgesDepending on the image used as the background, some of these will create interesting effects if you use other blending methods. Have a look at this one which used the "difference" blending method.

Because the frames are white, you can also make some colour adjustments using the layer styles and colour channels. This one shows the frame as yellow by changing the colour channels (to see the settings, click the small images to open the larger size). Or, if you're in the mood to add some texture, use the texture option in the layer style.

screenshot showing colour change from white to yellow framing

sample image showing all over texture
Just because these are designed to work as white finishes doesn't mean they have to stay that way. Have a little fun experimenting with ways to use these frames.

I almost forgot! To download all 8 photo edges in full size go to the Photo Edges page on Free-3D-Textures.com.

child's christmas portrait using photoshop edge to frame it

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