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Monday, July 19, 2010

2011 Calendar Template for Photoshop

Update: You can find our 2011 MONTHLY Calendar Template on a later post, here.

Whew! Well I've been working away trying to get my calendar template for 2011 finished. This year's (well, technically it's next year's but it's released now so you can make your own for gifts at Christmas) template is a fairly plain, but business-like design. You can use it to promote your own business, or remove the business references and use it with family photos for cool gifts.

This calendar is designed to print at 20" X 36" (300dpi) so if you want to print it smaller, just reduce the size in your editing program.

I have this file available in Adobe Photoshop PSD format (created in PS3) and it's a big one. This calendar is totally customizable, you can customize the coloured boxes behind the month headers, move the numbers around and/or make them smaller, change the headings and text, and you may in fact end up with a change of text.

The text font I used for this file is titled "Cambria Math", which I didn't realize wasn't available freely - it's apparently a purchased font, or it came with one of my programs. If you don't have this font on your computer, when you open the PSD in photoshop, it will replace the font with one you have. If you don't like what it uses, you can change that because all the text layers are separate. I have also included in this release a .png format that is only customizable to the extent that because it has a transparent background, you can place images under months and dates. The .png file is only suitable for anyone who has a program that will handle layers and transparency. If you open the .png file in a program that doesn't have this capability, it will simply open it onto a coloured background, and you can save it as a .jpg file.

The template does not have holidays on it. Because I have an international readership, there would be way too many holidays to include in the file, but you can find a listing of National Holidays by country on Wikipedia.

Spent a little time doing a sample customization using the PSD file so you can see just how different you can make your own calendar using this template. I  placed my calendar on a black background, changed the way the text at the top of the calendar reads, and added some of my own abstract fractal backgrounds to each of the months. The result is very different from the basic sample calendar  above. Anyone who wants the full size of this sample (.jpg) can grab it at the end of the article - there'll be a link to download the large .jpg file.

Okay, are you ready for the template links? Please remember this is quit a large file if you are downloading the PSD format - it could take a rather long time on slower connections.

The easiest way to download these larger files is to right click on the link, and select "save as".

Please remember - these are copyright designs. You may use them to create your own calendars and have them printed, but you may not upload my designs or templates to other websites for redistribution, nor may you sell any of the templates or my completed designs.

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