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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Black Photoshop Frames - Simple Elegance

5-Photo Frame, also avail. in Black
I've had a request for a simple black photo frame with multiple spaces in it, so that's what we've got for this week. I've created three different frames with four, five, and six photo spaces for this request. The 5-photo frame has both a black frame and a white frame in the photoshop file, so if you opt to download the .psd file, you'll have a two-in-one file that will allow you to frame your photos with black or white. The remaining two files (the 4-photo and 6-photo) have black frames, with a white matte layer. Again, in the photoshop file you can opt to turn off the white matte layer if you don't want the matte, and in all of the .psd files you can choose to turn off the drop shadow as well. (Links to download pages at end of post)

Although I've created these files for use in photoshop, I realize that not everyone uses photoshop so the files are also available as .png files with transparency for the photo placements. Unfortunately, with the .png files, you won't have as much flexibility for changing the frames as you would with the .psd.

To use the .psd file, open it in photoshop. Each layer is labeled - the black frame, the white matte layer, and empty layers so you know where to place the photos. To place the photos, open your photo into photoshop, use the menu and choose "select", then choose "all" to select the photo. Next, select "edit", and then "copy". Minimize your photo, and maximize the frame template. Click on one of the photo layers, and select "edit" from the menu, and then "paste". To fit your photo to the space you want it in, select "edit", then "free transform" and use the "scale" option to fit your photo under the appropriate spot in the frame. Continue this until your frame is full, then flatten and save and you're ready to print.

Using the .png file is much the same - while you do not need photoshop to use it, you will need an editing program that is capable of handling layers. Open the .png in your program, and duplicate that layer so you have two layers. Move down to the bottom layer (or background), and then begin placing your photos - one on each new layer under the frame.

To download the files for these free photoshop frame templates, please visit the Frames & Templates page on Free-3d-Textures.com.

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