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Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Free Photoshop Frames

Today we don't have a tutorial, but a couple of new photoshop psd templates for free photoshop frames. The first frame is black and white - white leaves and branches on a black background with white matte, and holds three photos. The overall size of the frame is designed to print at 11" X 17". You can adjust the size of the frame in photoshop before you insert your own photos, so you can print this frame with photos at any size you need it to be. As well as the frames you see listed on this page, you can find other designs on our Photoshop Frames & Templates page on our website listed below. All of these are free to use with your own projects.

free photoshop template frame of black and white leavesIf you have a photo editing program that won't support the .png file, and you need a .jpg file, please feel free to contact me and I'll email you the file in .jpg format without transparency.

You can download this .png frame by clicking this link.

This next frame is designed for larger poster-style images, and can be used with only one image under the framework, or you can insert five individual images. As well, this frame comes with a series of corner embellishments that can be turned on or off in photoshop. Each set of corner embellishments is on their own labeled layer in the photoshop .psd file.

Above is the basic frame - black with white matte edges which can be turned off in photoshop by hiding the layer style "stroke". At the bottom is room for adding text if you are creating a poster. This example shows three images rather than five - one in the middle spans all three spaces, with one image in each of the top and bottom spaces.

Below are examples of the corner embellishments included in the .psd file. You can use the frame as shown above, or add one of the embellishments shown below by turning on the visibility of it's layer.

Above: City Scapes Embellishments (no corner designs, but interesting just the same).

Above: Foral Corners

Above: Swirl Corners

Above: Web Corners

Above: Art Deco Corners 1

Above: Art Deco Corners 2

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Pixel Berry Pie said...

Thank you! These photo frames are a big help to me.