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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photoshop Calendar Template for 2011 in PSD Format

This set of 12 Calendar Templates (2011) for Photoshop will offer you a variety of options for change within the .psd file and is designed to print at 11" wide by 8.5" high. There are 12 individual calendar backgrounds (one for each month of 2011), and three sets of colour borders and texts: gray, navy and black. This template also includes holidays for the US and Canada, each on a separate text layer so you can pick and choose which holidays you want on your calendar.

The text for the Month/Yr and the Days of the Week has been rasterized into normal layers, so even if you don't have the fonts that were used for these, you can still use the text. The fonts used for these were "David" (a basic neat font); Cigno (a script style font); and Chocolate Box (a fancy-ish type of font).

The text layers for the holidays have not been rasterized, however the font used here is "small fonts", which most computers have on them, and is in red. Since the text layers are still in their original format you can change the text colour or even the font style if you want.

This set also has a blank layer below all the calendar stuff, so if you want to create an art calendar with this you can insert your image behind the calendar layer, and reduce the opacity level of the calendar layer so you can see some of the image.

As well, there are 3 "sidebar" sections (gray, navy, black) where you can set smaller images if you don't want to use a large image in the background. And, along with the sidebar sections you'll find a notes section with the title and blank lines, so if you don't want to use images, you can add lines to your calendar for adding handwritten notes after it's printed.

With all these options, you can also mix and match the colour themes to suit your own taste, or you can create your own colour choices and add your own text instead of using the text layers included with the .psd file.

Although getting all the layers in place for each of the three different colour themes took some time, creating each month's calendar is as simple as turning on the layers for the features you want, flattening the file and saving it as a .jpg.

As well as offering the free download for the master .psd file, there is a complete calendar (12 months) for 2011 in the Gray Theme, complete with both US and Canadian Holidays (available in a .zip or .rar file for download).

While it's just a touch late, it is still 2010 (for another day) and printing 12 sheets wouldn't take all that long!

I hope you find this .psd useful for the coming year - Happy New Year and may the next year be filled with peace, health, joy and blessings for all of you.


Download the Gray Theme Complete Calendar for 2011 in .jpg format:

.zip file     .rar file

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