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Sunday, November 14, 2010

2011 Monthly Calendar Template for Photoshop

I'm a little late getting this calendar template out to you, but it's probably not too late, particularly if you print your own.  This new calendar template is different than my previous 2011 Yearly Calendar Template, or my Forever Calendar Template. This one is monthly, with one page for each month and the last page of the calendar having a one year 2012 preview calendar, making for a total of 13 templates. I didn't include a template for a cover page, but the calendar is designed to print at 11 X 17 inches (a pretty standard paper size) and to be bound at the top (extra room at the top of template allows you to have it bound) so you shouldn't have any problems designing your own cover page if you size your image document to 11 X 17 inches. IF anyone really, desperately wants me to design a cover page,  feel free to contact me.

This calendar is also not as flexible as the Yearly Calendar - the calendar portion of each month is part of the background, but the text for the month and year can be edited to your own choice of font and colour. The photo-frame templates are black and each psd file (one for each month) comes with a choice of three photo-frames. You can change the colour of the photo-framing by selecting the black using the "magic wand" in Photoshop CS (these are probably compatible with any CS version of Adobe Photoshop) and using the bucket fill to fill the seletion with the colour of your choice.

As well, the 2012 yearly calendar intended for the last page of the calendar has the same options as the months for changing text or framing colour.

At the moment, the templates are only available as .psd files, and are compressed into either .zip archive or a .rar archive, so you will need to have an "unzipping" program on your computer (like winzip, or a similar alternative).

I'll be working this week towards preparing these templates as .png files for those who aren't able to open .psd files, so check back later in the week if you need the templates but don't have Adobe Photoshop. Almost any reasonably modern imaging program will support the .png format. The fonts used in the templates are "Modern No. 20" and "Parma Petit SC Italic" - if you don't have either of these fonts installed on your computer you will need to choose one of the fonts available to you.

These templates have been archived. If you still want to download them, please find them in the archived calendars link HERE.


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