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Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Pocket Calendar Templates

As you can tell, I'm still trying to catch up with my 2011 Calendar Templates. The two templates I've got for you today are for smaller pocket calendars - one is a folding calendar, and one is a simple "front and back" one page calendar designed to print on 4" X 6"  card stock or 2-sided photo stock.

The first is basically a remake of the folding pocket calendar template from last year: for this year, the calendar is just a white background with black dates. There are two colour banners at the top which you can remove by turning off visibility on the layer, or change the colour of by selecting the shape/colour and filling it with a colour of your choice using the bucket tool.  There are two parts to this template - the inside (with the calendars and text) and the outside. The outside has an updated holiday list (to reflect dates for 2011) on the back, and a place to put your own image on the front.

You can download the two parts here in zipped files format:

2011 Pocket Calendar Template in .zip file format or in .rar file format.

PLEASE NOTE: these calendar templates have now been archived (Nov. 2013). If you still need any of them, you can download them from the calendar archives HERE.

As well as the above .psd files, this calendar template is available to be downloaded in a ready to print .jpg format with flowered banner if you just need a simple calendar.

2011 Pocket Calendar Printable - the inside with calendars, and the outside with holidays and design.

The second 2011 Pocket Calendar Template in .psd form is a single page with dates/months on one side and a spot on the reverse side to put your own image and business information. The framing can be removed by turning off the visibility of the layer, and you can remove the text in the same manner, leaving only an image covering the whole of that side if you so desire. You'll note on the calendar side that you can edit and change the text for the months and the "2011".

Download this one-page template in 2 .psd files: the front with image and text, and the back calendar side.


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