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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 Vintage Photo Frames in PNG Format

Today we've moved away from the calendar templates to offer you a set of four vintage photo frames that have been isolated and saved with transparent backgrounds as .png files. The .png format makes it easy for users of any graphic or photo editing program to use since the .png format is accepted by many different programs. If your editing program supports transparency and layers, then you should be able to use these.

To use them, open your own photo in your editing program and use that as your background layer. Open one of the frames and copy it into your current image file as the second layer. Use your transform or edit tool to resize the frame to fit your photo.

All four of these have been gathered from old photos my father took. The ages range from circa 1920s to 1960, and come complete with whatever bends, folds, wrinkles and stains that were on them when scanned. These files range in size from roughly 5" X 7" to 8" X 14" - you'll note that old photos come in a bunch of sizes and shapes that are no longer seen in most photo processing; some from the early 1970s were square with rounded corners, older ones from the 1950s were square or oblong with crenelated edges, even older ones were a mix of sizes and shapes, many with slightly rounded edges.

What gives vintage photo frames character are their various stains, folds and creases and some even have interesting textures.

Because my dad was an avid photographer, I have quite a large supply of old photos to select edges from, so as we head through this year, you'll find more collections being added every so often, and most of these will be in the PNG format with transparent backgrounds.

I hope some of you will find a use for these. Please note the images on the left are small samples on a black background, NOT the files to download. The four files can be download here:

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