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Monday, January 10, 2011

Even More Calendar Templates

Here's another free calendar template for those calendar fanatics out there. This one is a little different - it doesn't contain any dates - these are blank calendar grids, two on a page. The page layout is setup to print 17" wide by 11" high with two blank calendar grids to create your own "2-Per Page" calendars (later this month I'll be uploading a file using this layout that does have dates.)

These blanks grids allow the user to create their own calendar templates every year, using this master grid file. In the full .psd file you'll find text layers for the days of the week (you can change font style and colours in this template) and four calendar frames (the wider outside lines on the calendar grids) in Black, Blue, Green and Red. These are all on separate layers so you can choose what you use where.  And the background is transparent, so you can use a background file under the white calendar grids - either a photo, artwork, abstract or a solid colour. How you design your calendar is up to you.

Although the two calendars are on one background, you can delete either of the calendar grids by using the square selection tool, outlining the one you want to delete, and then selecting "edit, and delete" from the photoshop menu bar. Once you've deleted one of them, you can replace it with anything you want, including images. In the sample I created, I made an advertising calendar for a Bed and Breakfast showing the events happening during the month. You can create any sort of promotional calendar using only one of the grids.

For those of you who aren't using photoshop, there are some blank calendar grids in .png format so you can still create your own. If your graphics editing program supports layers, you can add images under the calendar grids, as well as add your own text above.

For parents with kids, printing these blank calendar templates on paper and letting your kids fill them out with crayon, marker or coloured pencils gets your kids involved, and is a great way to teach kids about the months and days, and special holidays that your family celebrates.

NOTE: the seamless green and gray background  used in the last example is available from Free-3D-Textures.com

The complete .psd file is available for download from this link:

The individual .png files can be downloaded here:

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