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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A 3-Year Folding Calendar Template for 2011, 2012 and 2013

Here's a new calendar template for photoshop (in psd format) that I've been working on. A little late, I know, but this calendar contains three years from 2011 right through to the end of 2013. Each part of the calendar can be edited in photoshop as everything on the template is still in it's text format - that means you can change the text styles and colours, and you can move things around a little (like changing the spacing for instance). This calendar template is designed to print on an 8.5" X 11" cardstock or heavy photo paper, and then gets folded into a triangular, three dimensional stand-up calendar.

(NOTE: the instruction images can be viewed larger size by clicking the image)

If you download the psd file to use in photoshop you'll find that all the separate layers have been grouped into folders in the layers palette. When you open the file you'll see a folder for 2011, 2012 and 2013, with a white background layer with fold lines, and a transparent layer. You can choose whether or not you want to print out the fold lines on your completed calendar or whether you just want a plain background.

If you open the 2011 folder you'll see a text layer for the date of the year (2011), and twelve folders (one for each month), with a thirteenth folder for the day headings (M, T, W, T, F, S). When you open one of the month folders you'll see layers for the name of the month (text layer) and then layers for each week (text layers) with the dates on them.

This organizing of folders within folders means you open only the sections you need open to work on, keeping the confusion to a minimum. This calendar template has so many layers having them all open at one time would make editing very confusing for most folks. As well, you can move an entire year from one part of the calendar to another simply by dragging the entire thing. Cick on the folder for 2011 - then click on the visible text on the image area, and drag it - you'll see that it moves everything together as a single image (even though it's text). That means if you want to put 2011 in the middle slot with the other two years on the outer sections you can do that very quickly. You can also delete a section if you want, and just put your own image in it.

The calendar has space at the bottom for your business or any other text you wish to include in your calendar. Because the layers are transparent, you can put images on your calendar - one large image that stretches across all three years, or three individual images (one for each year) under the text.  However you want to set it up.

Once it's completed, you'll use a ruler and scribe along the fold lines to make the folding easier and the actual edges neater. It doesn't have to be a "scribe" - use anything that's got a sharp point like one side of a pair of scissors, or an ice-pick or an awl and run it along the fold line. Don't put too much pressure on it; you don't want to cut right through it, you just want to inscribe it a little.

Use double-sided tape along the larger folding edge (the wider gray area). Fold the calendar so the images and text are facing outwards. Pull the facing off the two sided tape, fold under the small gray edge and stick it to the tape on the wider edge. The result is a triangular stand-up calendar. I designed this to fit ordinary card stock or photo paper (8.5 X 11), but if you have access to larger pager (8.5 X 14) you can increase the width of the template in photoshop, giving you a wider text area for each year.

I also have this calendar in png format with a transparent background - this does not contain the fold lines, but because it is transparent you can place your own backgrounds on this. This was mostly created for those who don't use photoshop but who do have editing programs that support layers. As well, for those who don't have programs that support layers or transparency, there is a calendar template in .jpg format with the white background and fold lines. Make sure you download the right version for your program.

This calendar template has now been archived. If you still need it for some reason, please download it from HERE.

We typically receive calendars of this nature in the mail from various companies every year, so now...I'm about to send out a bunch of my own! I hope you can find a use for this too.