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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage PNG Frames for Photoshop - Round 2

As promised, we've got some more vintage photo frames that you can use in either Adobe Photoshop (or PhotoShop Elements), or other similar editing programs like GimpShop, PaintShop Pro, PaintShop Pro Photo, FotoFiltre Studio, etc. etc. etc. (basically any program that supports transparent images will allow you to use these templates).

This particular set of frames range from 1930 to 1975: it's rather interesting to see the progression of style and textures used on the frames, and the various decorations surrounding the frame opening. The oldest one from 1930 has a rather unusual shape for the image opening, and is somewhat unique - this is the first frame I've seen like this one. It contained a baby photo of my mother.

Frame 33/1940s
Frame 32/1975
The frame from 1975 is the most recent of the bunch, and the plainest. It contained one of our wedding photos. Not having time to hire a photographer, my dad took the photos for our wedding, and there are very few of them, but one was enlarged and set into this frame.

Two of them are from the 1940s. You'll note that these both have a similar art deco styling around the edges of the photos - these two frames might have been from the late 1930s (old stock perhaps?) but the photos in them were from the 1940s. One of my aunt (who married into our family) when she was a young woman (perhaps a teenager judging from the photo), and another of a different aunt, dressed for the wedding of her eldest sister (that's how I was able to date the photo in that frame).

Frame 35/1950s
Frame 36/1940s
The last of the frames has a quilted-liked texture with blue edging around an oblong opening: somewhat more simple than the oldest ones, with a cleaner look. The photo in this frame was from the late 1950s, so I'm guessing the framing was from sometime in the 50s too.

Looking at these older family photos has been really interesting - in the past, I've seen some of these photos but never really paid much attention to the framing from used by different studios. Not only are these far more decorative than most of the ones used today, but they are much heavier and very textured. All of these also have different texturing from each other, and different designs within the textured areas; some have stamped or pressed edges with what was once silver-tone or gold-tone, but over the years these have aged to a less-shiny surface.

Frame 37/1930
The images above are the samples, used with modern photos. You can download the full sized frames in png format below.