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Saturday, July 2, 2011

2012 Calendar Template 16 Months + 2013

calendar template 2012 sampleBack again after a week or so of preparing another new calendar template in .psd format (for Photoshop). This new calendar incorporates the last four months of 2011 (Sept-Dec), all of 2012, and a smaller reference calendar at the bottom for 2013. This large one-page calendar (prints 30 X 36 and smaller) should suit most needs: the addition of the last four months of 2011 will make it useful for school planning throughout the semesters from Sept. 2011 to June 2012.

The .psd file for the calendar is organized in folders - one for 2011, one for 2012, and 2013. Within each folder are one-layer templates for each month. This, unfortunately, makes the text non-editable but makes it much easier to change the layout of the calendar by simply dragging the month grid (including dates and days) into  position where you want it. Below each month are two layers for the colour - one layer for the colour-stripe (behind the days of the week), and one layer for the dates. Each year has a different colour, which you can turn off or on, or change the colour if you like by filling the colour boxes with your choice of colour. You can adjust the transparency level of each colour to suit your liking. Or, you can replace the colour boxes with one of your own images if you'd rather do that.

2012 calendar template sample in dark colours
As well, the .psd file contains a folder for Decorative Elements (two can be seen on the examples shown here on my blog) - there are four different offerings for Decorative Elements which you can use or discard, as you like. And you'll find the file also has the "guides" visible when you open it. It is a somewhat complex and fairly large file, so downloading it may take some time.

For those who don't have photoshop and can't make use of the .psd file there are two transparent .png files available for download instead. One is the calendar template with no colour backgrounds, and the other is the calendar with the colour backgrounds.


This calendar template has now been archived. If you still need it for some reason, please download it from HERE.

2012 calendar template plain

And, for anybody who doesn't want to fiddle with their own calendar inserting backgrounds or making changes, you can download this printable calendar for your own use (use THIS LINK to download the file, do not click the image to download because the image is just a sample size).

2012 printable calendar

With any luck, that should keep most of you busy for the next little while!

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