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Monday, August 29, 2011

2012 Calendar for Kids

Well, after a bit of a summer break, we're back with a new calendar. This isn't exactly a "template" like I normally produce, this one is just a printable 2012 calendar page designed specifically for kids - the younger kids in your life.

This calendar has been designed to print at 30 X 36 inches (poster-sized), and in black and white.  It contains a variety of graphics for kids to colour, so when you print one, you might need to buy some markers or coloured pencils to go along with it. At this large size, it can give the younger set something fun to do on a rainy day, and gives them the opportunity to have a calendar with their own choice of colours, and you can even add their name to the page before you print it by opening it in your image editing program and adding new text.

If you have younger kids who are computer-savvy, you can let them colour it in any paint program that accepts .jpg files (which is most of them).

DOWNLOAD the full .jpg file here and have it printed wherever you like. Of course it's possible to resize it and print it yourself, but I have a feeling that an 8 X 10 print simply won't amuse the kids the same as a giant poster would.

You can download this 2012 Printable Kids Calendar from this link.

PLEASE NOTE: This calendar has now been archived. If you'd still like to download it, use this link to the calendar archive and download it from HERE.

NOTE TO CHROME USERS: For some reason the Chrome browser doesn't always want to display the full size image when you click the link above. The image IS there, so to download it, right click the link for the .jpg file download and just save it to your computer.


Math Worksheets said...

The calendar is good. It would have been could if it is in color. :)

Gracey said...

Well the entire point of this calendar was for the KID's to colour it themselves. Not much point in creating an activity for the kids to do if the activity is already done (ie: the colouring).

Andyka said...

thanks for download....