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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New 3-Year Folding Calendar Template: 2012 to 2014

Here's a new 3-year folding calendar template for use in photoshop or other similar editing programs. This calendar is not available in .psd format, but is available as a .png with a transparent background, making it easy for you to place your own image(s) under the template.

The top of the calendar has a basic "waved" shape and wide black outlines. The shaped top can be used to imprint your own business/company name, or any other text you'd like. It is designed to print 17" wide by 11" high (so print on 11X17 paper), but can easily be resized in your editing program to fit an 11 X 8.5 page or card stock. This calendar also runs for three years, beginning with 2012 (so, we're getting ready for next year with this one) and running to 2014. When you print the calendar itself, you can trim way the the excess white areas to create the shaped top: note that the gray area is meant to be used to join the two outside edges of the calendar  after you fold it along the appropriate divisions (use glue, or two-sided tape).

If you plan to use these as mail-outs or hand-outs for promoting your business or website, you should leave them flat after trimming away the unwanted white areas, and use the double-sided tape option rather than glue.

You can download the full-sized png file from this link: 3-Year Fancy Edged Folding Calendar (2012 to 2014)

Here's a sample folding calendar created using this template, showing a wavy text across the top for two websites. Although this calendar has a summer scene, I've created the same calendar using one scene from each season, but you could use three individual photos behind the three different years if you want.

If you want to download this completed calendar to print for yourself, use this link: 3-Yr. Printable Folding Calendar of Smith's Bay/Invermara, in Orillia.

That's the newest calendar for this year. Be sure to check the "Calendars" section on our site (in the menu above) for other 2012 Calendar Templates for Photoshop.


Indra Saputra Ahmadi said...

very nice blog.. i like the black theme!

vicki gaebe said...

So many great templates, but I'm looking for a full year 2013 calendar. Any ideas out there, Prefer photoshop with a transparent calendar. Appreciate the help.