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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 Vertical Calendar Template

As we move towards the Christmas holiday season, and the end of 2011, I've got just one more calendar template for you folks. Looking through the calendars I posted for 2012, I couldn't find a vertical one, which I almost always produce so here is a vertical calendar template for 2012 (see the calendar section for more 2012 calendar templates). It is a very basic calendar with 12 months, and the header slots for the days of the week come in a variety of colours. I have these set up on separate layers in the .psd file (one layer for each colour), or for those of you who just want a transparent template to lay over a photo (or multiple photos) or background of your choice, you can download the .zip or the .rar file, which contains one template with each of the colour bands. (See the bottom of the page for download links.)

The text on all these files is black, but you can use these on a dark background by simply inverting the template (in photoshop, you can do that using "image/adjustments/invert" from the menu, on the template layer only). Keep in mind when you invert the template, you may find the colour bands a different shade too.  As well, you can use the layer styles and add a drop-shadow of white if using the black text on a dark background, which will make the text readable on a dark background without inverting the template.

For those of you just looking for printable calendars for 2012, there are two calendars at the bottom of the page which you can download and print yourself - whether at home, or at a photo shop-kiosk, or whether you order them online. Please remember, while you have permission to print these for yourself, you don't have permission to upload them at any sales site (such as Zazzle or Etsy or any similar place), nor are you allowed to sell the printed calendars (except for the amount they cost you to print - please do not remove my copyright notice from the printables). This is for the "printables" calendars only (ie: The Heart Fractal and Damask Fractals).

Any calendar you create using your own images or designs using the basic templates can be sold wherever you like (you can't sell the template only, you must add your own designs).

This will most likely be one of my lasts posts for 2011. As Christmas draws closer, I find myself falling further behind with preparations - namely baking the mass lot of cookies I do every year. Each year I find it harder to get moving and start the baking. Once I get it started, I'm okay, but right now...I really need to get started.

If I don't post again before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas, and my wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year!


NOTE: effective December 2013 templates for calendars prior to 2013 can be downloaded from the archived calendar directory HERE.


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