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Monday, February 27, 2012

Gift Card & Calendar Template - New for 2012

Okay folks, back to work on some templates for you. This new template is for a greeting card that will hold a purchased gift card. Since most gift cards are about the same size, you can use this card template for pretty much any sort of gift card.  While some gift cards actually come with a little envelope for giving the card in, this template can act as both a greeting card, and a special, customized card for giving the gift card in.  Anyone who prefers to give a custom card along with their gift might find this kind of fun.

As well, anybody running their own small photography business on the side might find this a useful template to give your own gift cards to repeat customers, or clients who've spent a lot of money on your prints or services.  Once you've customized the card with your own logo and designs, you could (if you have the money to spend) send them off to a print-shop and have them professionally printed.  You can also purchase customized gift cards online, or print your own on card stock to fit in the slot in the card template. There are times when it is worth saying "thanks" to a good customer - giving them a gift card for a free 8 X 10 print, or a set of 10 Christmas Card prints for free isn't going to cost you much (in terms of money), and can provide a lot of "good will" to your existing clients, bringing them back to your business when they need another portrait, or commercial job done.

And, for anyone at all who just likes to print their own specialized greeting cards, this will work for any occasion. You can use it to give gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's or Father's day - even Easter. The template is simple - insert your own image or design on the two "design sections", including text if you want text. Turn off the layers that contain the bleed and fold lines, and instructional layers. Flatten the image and then print it. Unfortunately, this template file is only available in .psd format, so you will need photoshop, or a program that will open photoshop files.


On one of the cards I printed as an example, I inserted a small calendar on the short-fold flap. If you decide to use a calendar on that flap, you could include your business name and contact here as well. To make it even more useful as a promotional tool, run a dressmaker's Transfer Wheel (a small tool with a spiked edge) along the folded edge to create a perforated line so the recipient can detach the small calendar for purse or pocket. The file below contains two small calendars that can be added to the front flap (you'll need to resize them), or just to print on their own - one for 2012 and one for 2013. The calendar file is available in both .psd and .png format. These are two very plain, very basic calendars, so there isn't much you can edit on them, but you could use each one individually with images over and below them.



That's it for today's template and calendars. Hope someone out there finds them useful and fun!

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Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your time and talents in creating your calendars.