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Saturday, March 31, 2012

2013 Yearly Calendar Template for Photoshop

PLEASE NOTE: all download links for the templates and calendars are at the bottom of the page. The small images are just sample-sized, not printable sizes.

2103 yearly calendar in psd, png, or printable format, elegant beige background with golden art deco designs
2013 Yearly Calendar Template
"Golden Deco"
Here it is - a 2013 yearly calendar template (basic one page design) for photoshop. Yes, okay peeps, I know this is way early for next year, but I've had a couple of requests for one already and figured it wouldn't hurt to post at least one now and get a little ahead of the game.

This is a basic one page calendar with a simple horizontal and vertical arrangement of the months. This template is available in a couple of formats - there is a .psd file for photoshop (this is a very large download), or in a transparent .png file with just the grids, months, and dates on it and no design work (so you can place it over your own background, or use it on a white one.  There's also a couple of printable calendars you can use for yourself in .jpg format if you just want one to print. You'll find those, along with their download links below.

 2013 Yearly calendar template for photoshop in psd, png, and jpg for printing, pale pink background with darker pink colour bands, pale mauve and yellow swirls
2013 Yearly Calendar
"Pink Swirl"
The .psd file is quite large, so it may take a while to download. The file contains a number of layer arrangements, sorted into groups for manageability. All of the numbers and the month headings are in "text" folders for each month. These texts can be edited in photoshop to change the colour or style. The grids are in another group folder, three-across on each layer. The year is on it's own layer and can be edited in photoshop as well. Each of the design elements is also on it's own layer in the Design Elements folder, so you can use multiple design elements in your calendar, or use none of them and create your own, or use photos and images instead. Two backgrounds are included (mauve abstract and an elegant beige). The mauve abstract background has been used in the "Green" calendar below - and yes, I know it's green, but it's only green because I selected a different blending method for the layer, changing the colour from purple to green. The colours of the design element layers will change as well, when selecting different blending modes for the layers. For example, on the Green calendar you'll note some charcoal coloured beads - these beads are actually green, but selecting "difference" for the blending mode gives them this blackish colour. Most of the design elements have been created by using one or more photoshop brushes. Most of these are free brushes that have come from various sources, so you may obtain these brushes by visiting the sites of those designers.

basic calendar template in .png format with transparent background for 2013, one year on a page
Please be sure that you do read and follow these designers' licensing terms. These folks go to a lot of trouble to create some awesome brushes for free. (Whenever you download any free offerings from anywhere, make sure you check the usage terms before you use them.)

The text used in this calendar template is "Padaloma". If you don't have it in your fonts folder already, you will need to change the fonts when you open the template. If you'd like to keep the current font style, you can download the Padaloma font free from Urban Fonts, or 1001 Fonts, or from Fontzone.

Remember that you will need to install any new fonts or photoshop brushes before opening photoshop in order for them to register in your program.

2013 yearly calendar in printable size with grasses, bamboo and bows on a white background
2013 Yearly Calendar
2013 yearly calendar to print with a moss-green abstract background and dark beads adorning the sides
2013 Yearly Calendar

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