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Saturday, May 5, 2012

2013 Folding Pocket Calendar Template

So - here we are not even half way through the year yet and we are focusing on 2013 calendars. Why? Probably because most of the beginning photographer's who used to read my tutorials aren't beginner's any more, and no longer really need beginner tutorials. What visitors really seem to want when they come here are various templates - mostly calendars.  While I do intend to keep producing other templates for nifty things like photo envelopes, seed packets and gift tags, getting the calendar templates done earlier in the year gives my user's a lot more time to get their own printed calendar designs ready.

The next up on my to-do list was the folding pocket calendar, which is one of my second most popular templates. The new one is updated with 2013 calendars on the inside, and a "lined paper" background on the outside-back which gives room to add notes, names and numbers, dates to remember or whatever else the recipient wants to add to it. A handy space where someone can write down an important number or date could turn out to be a pretty useful addition to the back of a yearly calendar.

The psd file for the inside of the calendar allows you to edit the two main titles (2013 Calendar and the business name); allows you to remove the narrow black dividing lines and allows you to remove the black background behind the main titles, or make it a colour other than black. The psd file for the outside allows you to replace the front image.

If you just want a printable calendar, you can download the one I created as a sample - download the printable calendars below.

The image on the front of this calendar is compiled of three separate images, plus a border. Two images (the teapot and fancy glass bottles) are my own. The flowers in vase is a free image from Emily Rosely (mensatic) at morgueFile (used with permission). You can visit Emily at morgueFile, or at her own website, Emily's Imagery.

As well as this printable pocket calendar, there is a matching Mother's Day card for this - print the calendar and tuck it inside your greeting card.

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