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Monday, August 20, 2012

2013 Coloring Calendar for Kids

We're getting pretty close to the new school year, so I thought it was just about time to put out our new calendar for 2013 for kids. Although this isn't a "school calendar", thinking about the kids getting ready to go back to school (or head to school for their very first time) made me realize that I hadn't yet finished the kid's calendar for next year.

Although these kid's calendars look pretty simple, they sometimes involve a lot more work than normal calendar templates because of the hand-draw graphics included on them. Many of the graphics are drawn with a brush in photoshop (by me), but some of them are from free photoshop shapes found across the web.  Using those means trying to research where they originally came from to ensure they are okay to use, so as often as I can, I use my own drawings for these.  Trying to create new drawings for each year takes more time than just designing a plain template.

This year, the calendar comes in four parts - three months on four different pages (quarterly). If you have access to a printer that will use a roll of paper instead of individual sheets, you can print all four pages on one long sheet (or have it printed at a print shop). If you don't, you can print each page individually and use a hole punch to punch holes in the bottoms and tops (four holes should hold the parts securely) and tie the four sections together with colored ribbons or carabiners, or any fasteners that your creative mind can come up with.

The pages are designed to print at 17" wide by 11" high, making the calendar pages big enough to be useful as a calendar, and easy enough for even little hands to colour.  The four pages are included in the zip or rar file - make sure you download the correct format for your computer. These are not available as .png templates or .psd files. The four pages are print-ready .jpg files.  The sample file at left shows some of the designs already colored, but the printable download files are just black and white, ready for kids to color. The months are surrounded by a double-line border giving the kids the opportunity or choice to color around the calendars if they like.

Here's a small-sized preview of one of the non-colored pages:

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