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Saturday, October 27, 2012

2013 Yearly Calendar Photo Template

sample of a vintage art-deco calendar showing old photo in the frame
Vintage Art Deco Calendar
As we move on into Autumn the weather is becoming cooler, and a lot wetter, bringing with it thoughts of new calendar projects for 2013. Looking at some of the popular downloads from previous years I realized that a couple of the "often downloaded" files are both based on the same template. The vintage calendar photo template for 2011 got a lot of downloads, so I decided to update it for 2011, recreated with two different versions.  The original design is from an old (1930s) photo frame - one of those heavy cardboard frames that came from studios when you had your portraits done. They had the photo on the inside with a fold-over cover to protect it. This one is simply turned on it's side so the inside of the fold-over cover is on the bottom, making space for a yearly calendar to fit there.

 I've got a couple of other designs in mind based off this one, but ... well maybe I'll save that for early November. I just wanted to get these two posted up to give people time to get them done before the new year arrives. Both of these are just available in transparent PNG format (download links at the bottom of the page), with a space at the top where you can insert your own photo, graphic or text if that's what you want. The first is the basic calendar from 2011 with it's original art-deco framing around the photo space and an updated calendar at the bottom. On the second option I replaced the standard art deco frame with a design that encompasses another frame style, stamps, maps and parcel stickers, a little grunge for the messy background and some ribbon and floral details around the frame. This second one is a little fussier than I like when making frames, but in the end, I decided I liked the design and so I've posted up in case anyone else wants it too. The display examples I've used here (not suitable for printing so please don't try to download them) show and original old photo (in the art deco frame), and modern digital photo given a brown toning, so you can see that both of these frames will work well with old vintage images, or brand new digital images.

sample of a vintagle floral grungy 2013 calendar with photo frame template
Vintage Floral Grunge Calendar

DOWNLOAD the Vintage Floral Grunge PNG File here.

Thanks to Lileya for the
Floral Brushes Used on Frame 2,  Courtesy of Lileya at Deviant Art
NOTE: If you use her brushes, please follow her Terms of Use - really simple, just credit her!

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