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Saturday, November 3, 2012

2013 - A Vintage Calendar Template with Photo Insert

A 2013 yearly calendar template for photoshop, with photo insert on top and a mid-period art deco design. Vintage fabric background completes the look.
Download this .png 2013 Calendar Template for Photoshop Here
As promised in my last post, I've been working up two new calendar templates for 2013 that have a similar design-style and vintage feeling. The basis for these two templates is also an old fold-over cardboard photo-frame (circa 1940s). Both of my parents had numerous family photos from their early years that came in (and were stored) these old cardboard frames. I've found them to be an invaluable source for digital framing, but also for other uses, such as these calendar templates. Unlike today's cardstock-frames, these old ones are quite textured (instead of smooth), and that texture carries over into the inside covers, and the backs, making them a good source for textures too.

If you have some of your own family's old frames, they're easy to turn into other uses digitally. Use a high quality scanner and scan the frames (open the fold-over cover if they have one). You can scan them without removing the photos if you prefer not to. Scan them at the highest rate your scanner has (600 dpi/48 bit is usually what I use) and at twice the size of the original. You won't be using the final image at that size, but scanning it larger makes it easier to clean up any marks and tears (if you choose to - if I'm planning to use it for a vintage or grunge design, I don't clean up all the marks) you want to remove, and then you can reset the resolution and resize it for your needs in photoshop. If you are familiar with editing, then you can use the pen tool to remove the picture (if you didn't before scanning) so you can replace it with your own. A very quick recap for creating a .png file using the pen tool to remove part of the background - in PS duplicate the background layer (which would be your scanned frame) and on the duplicated layer, remove the photo (see our pen tool tutorial). Now delete the background layer. You'll see what you're left with is the top layer with a transparent spot where the old photo was. Now save your frame as a .png file to retain that transparent space.

A vintage style calendar template for photoshop for the 2013 year with space for photo insert at the top.
Download this 2013 Yearly Calendar Template in PNG Format for Photoshop Here

Both of the calendar templates today were created from the same standard frame with a square opening and narrower sides than the ones previously posted. The first of the calendar templates uses a background for the frame of a vintage-style fabric in black, white and blue, and some photoshop brushes that are handwritten text (see below for sources). The second design also uses a fabric background that may not actually be vintage, but has a very vintage feeling (1950s perhaps), then overlaid with postage stamp brushes and some floral brushes (also see below for sources).

Sources for the elements:

Calendar with Black and Blue Vintage fabric design:

Fabric photo from jdurham @ MorgueFile

Handwriting/Text brushes: these are my own and while they aren't available yet, they will eventually be offered on Free-3D-Textures in the brushes section.

Calendar with Stamps and Flowers design:

Fabric photo from msxo @ MorgueFile

Stamp Brushes: my own (available soon)

Large Daisy: my own

Small Daisies, flower bouquet and line art flower from "sleepwalkerfish" @ DeviantArt

Both morgueFile and Deviant Art are excellent sources for some free elements to use in your own work. If you haven't also tried Renderosity, then you may want to have a look there as well. In all cases, make sure you use only that which is offered freely, and that you follow the requests of the creatives and keep your uses within the licensing terms.

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