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Monday, February 25, 2013

Photoshop Brushes with Textures

Today I have something a little different for you. I've been busy creating some new Photoshop Brushes with some new textures. I have a tendency to use brushes more as overlay textures for adding texture to images and collages, and I find it easier to keep them in brush format because they're easier to find and load that full image files, and because you can select the colour you want to use for a brush, it's also easier to get the colours right than having to change a colour in an image file and it keeps your file sizes a little smaller than adding full images. A few of the brushes are bundled with 2 or 3 brushes in the set, but most are individual .abr files. Although these were created in Photoshop (CS5), almost any image editor that will accept an .abr file can make use of these too.  All of these brushes are uploaded and ready for download, but you'll need to get them from Free-3D-Textures.com in the Photoshop Brush Section (all of these are on Page 3). For any whose sort of new to Photoshop, in order to install these brushes you simply drop them into your photoshop program files (usually found in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Brushes). The next time you open Photoshop, the brushes should be in the brush listing.

The first couple of brushes were created from a high-resolution photo of wood barks (2 different types). You'll note in the image below I've included a sample photo showing one of the brushes used an overlay to add interest and texture to a simple photo of a plant and vase:

The above image uses the WoodBark-2 Photoshop Brush in two colours to create the texture you see in the photo, and below you can see an example of WoodBark-1.

Other brushes included in the new batch are foamy waters (2 brushes);  mortared stone (2 brushes);  veined granite (2 brushes); textured bricks (3 brushes); streaks and rivets; leafy ground cover; and last (but not least) a blank monthly calendar grid you can use for making your own calendars.

Foamy Water, Mortared Stone, Veined Granite - Photoshop Brushes

Streaks and Rivets, and Textured Bricks

Leafy Ground Cover - in the above example photo, the brush has been added over just the lake giving a mottled appearance to the water.

Photoshop Brush - Blank Calendar Grid
FREE-3D-TEXTURES.COM (Photoshop Brushes Section)

Okay ... that's it for today. Happy editing folks!

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