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Sunday, July 28, 2013

2014 Promotional Calendar Template (PSD)

Next up is a 2014 yearly calendar designed mostly for promotional use - for just about any size or type of business. A great way to keep your business in front of clients and prospective clients is by providing a free calendar with your business logo and information on it.

This calendar template is available in .psd format and contains the background layer (the actual calendar); with square black frames on separate layers - one for the top space to display your business logo or banner, or typed information; three across the bottom. Two of these bottom boxes were designed for photos (3 X 2 roughly), while one contains lines for writing notes, dates, or phone numbers (the lines are on a separate layer in case you want to remove them).  Each frame layer has a blank layer below for you to insert you own choice of photos, or if you prefer not to include photos, then ... well, whatever you want to fill the boxes with. If you don't want the boxes at all, you can delete the layers or turn off the visibility before flattening the file. As well as the space at the bottom right, below each month are two lines for adding notes or dates.

Just because I designed this for promotional use, that doesn't mean you have to use it that way. You can fill all the frames with family memories, which makes a nice gift for any occasion. Don't forget to add the family birthdays, anniversaries and special events on the lines provided!

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Nancy said...

Thank you - this was just what I was looking for!