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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2014 Yearly Calendar Templates

DOWNLOAD the plain black and white
calendar in .PNG format.
Once again it is time to start considering new calendar templates for the next year - in this case, we're beginning to work on our 2014 calendar templates, and are starting off with some basic yearly calendars. We have three calendars in various formats  today. Each of the calendar designs use the basic 2014 yearly calendar (in black and white), which is available in two formats: as .png file with a transparent background for using over your own images or backgrounds, and as a photoshop brush (available from Free-3D-Textures.com Photoshop Brushes). If you simply want it on a white background, open the .png file and save it as a .jpg file. The photoshop brush allows you to use the calendar in a variety of ways just like the .png file, but with the photoshop brush, you can select your colour and change it from design to design simply by choosing the paint colour for the brush, or resize the calendar by changing the bush size.

DOWNLOAD the Vintage Calendar
Map in .PNG format.
The second 2014 yearly calendar has white text over a darker background composed of a vintage map (from public domain maps) and edited in photoshop to have torn and burned edged, and some dark cracks. Additional "grunginess" was also added before placing the calendar over the map. The outside edges of this calendar are transparent, giving users the option of printing it with their own background colour or patterns, or using it over another image, or within a collage. Public domain maps can provide useful old images for editing into some of your own projects and can make some wonderful background textures.

DOWNLOAD the Vintage Photo Frame
with Calendar in .PSD format.
The last calendar for 2014 is used within a vintage photo frame, with space to the right of the calendar to insert your own photo memory. The frame itself comes from a vintage 1930s photo, and none of the original condition has been edited out, so the frame contains it's own cracks, tears, marks, spots and aging, and no new grunge has been added. It seemed to me this frame contained more than enough of it's own unique vintage charm to be left alone. This file, unfortunately, is currently only available as a .psd file for photoshop. There are three layers: the frame with calendar and dividing line; the vintage background texture (included in the file, but you can replace this with your own if you wish); and a layer to insert your photo on.

As well, the original vintage frame is available in .png format by itself for use as a photo frame. Any image editing software that accepts transparent file formats (like the .png) should be able to use this photoshop frame.

I must apologize at this point for the lack of recent updates. The events of the last six months (still continuing) have taken up most of my time, leaving me very little time to create new work.

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Larry said...

I just finished putting together a series of (not for sale) 12 month calendars for 2014 using the Vintage Photo Frame you graciously put together as a download. I pass calendars around at Christmas using photos taken over the past year. The Vintage Frame worked great! Thank you very much. Larry