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Monday, August 26, 2013

2014 Folding Pocket Calendar Templates in .PSD for Photoshop

Here's two new folding pocket calendar templates for 2014. These two templates are designed with banners to promote your own town or city (and could be good for promoting a travel or tourism website or business), but because the text over each banner can be edited, you could also use this to promote an individual event, or your own business; used as wedding favours or ... well, whatever purpose you want to make of them. (Download links for both calendars can be found at the bottom of the post. These templates are available as .psd files only.)

On the navy blue calendar, the angled banner at the top and the straight banner across the bottom can be removed by turning off the layers that contain them, so if you don't want to use any banners at all, you don't have to. The burgundy calendar has an arched banner that is part of the frame itself, so you can't remove it as easily, but you also don't have to place text on it either. You can use other design elements on the arched area if you want something there, or you can simply leave it blank. To add design elements, simply add a new layer above the banner and have fun with photoshop brushes, or patterns, or add your own clipart. The two examples shown below use the same burgundy frame without text - on one version photoshop brushes added some different designs, and on the other, a simple pattern overlay (available using photoshop layer effects) added a different feeling altogether.

Once you have the basic frame design, you can edit it to suit each different photo you want to use, or you can even omit the photo, add a solid colour background or any sort of background you choose, and use simple text to get your message across.

Download the .psd template file for the OUTSIDE of the Navy Blue Calendar (shown above) here.
Download the .psd template file for the INSIDE of the Navy Blue Calendar here.

Download the template for the Burgundy Calendar in .psd format here: OUTSIDE Template and INSIDE Template

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