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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo Frame Template Series

Download this Hand-Coloured Frame here.
I've been fudging around a little this last week or two trying to decide ... "what's next?" and ended up working on a couple of frames. I haven't uploaded any photo frame templates for a while, so I guess it's about time. There are two different styles of frame today, but each style has six different colour choices available, and you'll need to download all of the frames in two separate compressed files (download links below). The square frames are in one file, the floral frames in another (six in each). There is one special frame available for individual download.

This Vintage Floral Frame was created using the basic "Pewter Frame" in the Floral Frame pack. The frame itself really isn't all that vintage - about 5 or 6 years old, but the technique used to hand-colour this frame gives it a soft vintage feeling that would look good on any old black and white photo.

The Floral Frame pack includes the basic pewter frame, and there is at least one other frame colour in the pack that can be used as a starting point for hand-colouring your own frame - the one in bronze works too. So, how do you go about doing the colouring? That part is actually fairly simple, it just takes a little time and patience, but I think even a beginning photoshop user can do this, since it really only uses mostly the brush tool, and some layers.

DOWNLOAD the Square Pack of Frame Templates (shown below) in  .ZIP file here, OR, in .RAR file here.

DOWNLOAD the pack of Floral Frame Templates (shown below) in .ZIP file here, OR, in .RAR file here.

I guess that's pretty much for today. Happy colouring, y'all.

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