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Thursday, July 17, 2014

2015 Pocket Calendar Templates - Single and Double

A folding 2015 pocket calendar template in .psd format with fall designs in gray, white, and red.
Sample ONLY
Please download at links below
Today we've got two pocket calendar templates you can download and edit for your own uses. One is a folding pocket calendar allowing for full year to be spread out over the left and right sides of the inside, with your image or design on the front and a lined section for notes on the back. The single pocket calendar allows for image and text on the front, and a full year calendar on the back.

The folding pocket calendar includes space to change the image (use one of your own, or a simple texture if you prefer). Over the image sits a gray frame with a vermilion red banner sporting gray text. You can leave the framing in place, or remove it by turning off the layer. The text is editable so you change the font style, colour and text to that of your own choice. In the upper right, is a leaf and swirl design (photoshop brush from Lileya on Deviant Art) which you can also remove by turning off the visibility layers. To change the colours of framing and design elements, select the element colour with the magic wand in your editing program, and use the paint bucket to fill it with the colour of your choice. The inside of the .psd template has the 2015 calendar in dark gray text on white background, and the year and text heading on each side can be edited (all text except the calendar itself are editable in the template).


If you just want to print the .jpg version:

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Two additional calendar designs have been uploaded to Free-3D-Textures.com. A vintage style folding pocket calendar with 2016 on the back, and a single (non-folding) pocket calendar with a promotional purpose. Visit the Calendar Templates page for these two different designs and .psd files.

A 2015 full year calendar template on a single pocket calendar.
The single pocket calendar template offered here has been designed with the 2015 wedding in mind. It can be used as a favour (replace the wedding photo with an engagement photo), or be included in thank you cards after the wedding (in which case, you can use a wedding photo). The framing over the photo is one of our previous frame templates, and is the hand-painted version, but if you download the template pack the frame is available in several different solid colours if you want to try and match your colours. All the text except the calendar can be edited to your choice of front and colour (and of course your own dates or thank yous).

Samples of colour text for the single pocket calendar template.
To change the colour of the calendar text to match your own theme is fairly simple. Create a new layer above the calendar portion in the template. Fill the layer with your colour choice and use one of the layer blending options to "re-colour" the text (overlay usually works best, but you can select several until you find the one that gives you the result you want). Note that you can also use these as favours for a special event like a milestone anniversary party, a birth or Christening or pretty much any other big event you want to remember, or thank people for attending. Other styles of photo frames are available at Free-3D-Textures, and on this blog under the Frame Index page.


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