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Monday, July 28, 2014

2015 Promotional Style Calendar - psd file

A 2015 one page yearly calendar with vintage design elements.
Sample Size only - use the download
link below for the full sized .psd file
Loading up a promotional type calendar that you can customize to promote your own business or website by editing the text areas and images, and printing it as handouts. This calendar is designed with a vintage flair and includes three authentic vintage frames at the top for images or logos, and several corner design elements which can be removed if you prefer not to have them on your print.

The calendar and month texts aren't editable, however, they do sit on their own transparent layer, so you could erase or "cut" the text for the months and use your own editing program to type in months using a font you prefer.

The text at the bottom (website url, calendar title, copyright notice) can be edited, as can the text under the prints, or turned off entirely if you'd rather not have titles. The three frames are on one layer, as is the raised bottom trim, and the corner elements over the frames can be removed or left in place. Included in the .psd file is the coloured background which basically is just a new layer filled with a colour similar to the frames and using the "pattern overlay" option for the layer. You can remove the layer, or the pattern overlay, or change the colour if you want. And of course, there are layers for your own images or logos - just remove the images included before saving your calendar please.

Sorry, I know it's a short post but most of you will be used to these templates by now and probably don't need any instructions, let alone the few I've put here but I do think it helps to know what's in the file before you download it. It would be pointless for someone to download a large .psd if the it wasn't as customizable as they wanted.

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