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Sunday, July 13, 2014

2015 Vintage Calendar

Vintage style calendar with leafy designs and a full year calendar for 2015.
Sample Size ONLY
Download Full Size Here
Here's the first of my 2015 yearly calendars. This first one is a simple .jpg file (quite large, so the download may take a while). It has an authentic vintage paper design for the background (scanned from the inside of an old victorian book), some design elements from Lileya on Deviant art (phtoshop brushes), and near the top between the two designs is enough space for the user to overlay a photo (or series of small photos) of their own, or a text header of your own choice. Because of the shape of the space (long and narrow), a good choice would be panorama style image.

Keep in mind that although it's a .jpg file and can be opened in any image editing program, if you plan to use or add your own photos/text in the space provided, you will have much more control over their placement if you have an editing program that supports layers.

The calendar design stands on it's own, so if all you want is a printable calendar, you can also print this one "as is".

I also have a plain 2015 calendar (the one used on this design) in .png format with a transparent background if you want to overlay the calendar on a design or image of your own. You will need a program (like photoshop, or gimp) that supports layers in order to use that. The file for this .png can be found on the calendar templates page (under "Photoshop Bits" in the menu) on Free-3D-Textures.

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