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Friday, October 24, 2014

2015 Business Pocket Calendar

NOTE: before I get into the new (and possibly last) calendar template I want to share a little information on this blog.  I've been writing this blog since 2007 (that's 7 years folks), but I have several other web efforts too, and I'm finding it tougher to keep them all running and updated. Most peeps come here for templates for calendars, so at this stage, it seems sort of redundant to keep posting here, instead of on my main site.

The main site has a host of other things for people - yes, the calendar templates are there too, but I have templates for gift tags, hanging tags, coloring pages for kids, backgrounds, textures, stock photos, photoshop brushes, photo frames and edges, picture quotes and even a blog section (with articles like selling your digital images/products, where to find free images, how to get easy white backgrounds for your photos) .... a mix of most types of things that would be useful for those wanting to create their own unique printables.

So, while this might be my last post here, you'll still be able to find all my new stuff (and most of my older stuff on Free-3D-Textures.com.

A pocket calendar template suitable for business use; this is in photoshop's native psd format.
Click HERE to Download PSD Inside
Click HERE to Download PSD Outside
This new pocket calendar design is simple and clean, with a design that lends itself to a modern business. The inner calendar pages have room for your business information and space for your logo, while the outside design leaves space for a photo of your choice (your business storefront or office building, or a staff photo ... even product imagery if that's what you want to use to promote your business), and more room for your business name and other data you want to include. For smaller businesses, including the salesperson's name below the business can instantly make these customized "business" cards. The outside-back of this template has a list of holidays/special days, along with a couple of blank lines to write on, and the front has a rounded-corner frame with space for an image and more text.

The .psd file contains layers for each of the text areas, including the month names (but not the calendar dates), and logo/photo layers. You can "un-include" some of the features (logo layer, for example) simply by deleting the undesired layer. The text in the file uses the "Corbel" font - if you have a registered copy of windows on your computer, you probably already have this font. If not, you have two options: edit the font type to one of your choice when you open the .psd, or for anyone preferring the .png plain download (below), find a complementary font that works with this one if you want to add text. Actually, there is a third option, although, I doubt most of you will actually want to purchase this font, but if you really do, Fonts.com is authorized as a seller for Microsoft Fonts - purchase Corbel here.

A printable folding pocket calendar in .png format.There are two formats available for this download. PSD files (inside and outside - download links below the photo above) if you want to be able to edit the texts (and have something that can open .psd files), or a PNG format (inside and outside) with generic text that you don't need to change. This one is really more for those just looking for a printable, ready-to-rock calendar but if you can open a .png file you can also add text to the blank areas, or "paint" over the text using a brush in your editing program and replace it with your own. I tend to produce these as .psd files because most people are going to want to edit the text areas, but I forget that not everyone might have a program that can edit them.


Inside Business Pocket Calendar Template (png)

Outside Business Pocket Calendar Template (png)

Hopefully, I'll see y'all over on Free-3D-Textures!
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Adam L. said...

I have used these At A Glance pocket calendars for a number of years. They are a great size. I even keep the past years' calendars as a sort of diary. You can find other brand pocket calendars but none have this most useful combination of monthly calendar, address book and notepad; it meets my needs completely.

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