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Calendar Index

Some of the calendars on our site date back to 2008, but may still be useful because they include the layouts and some design elements which you can re-use in other calendars. A number of the photoshop .psd calendars are fully editable - that means not only can you edit the dates and the years, but you can also edit and/or move the numbers within the calendar.

Please note that you are free to share this site or links to pages on our site with your friends, free to sell your own completed calendars using our templates, free to print calendars you created using our templates, but be aware that you may not upload these templates to any other website in order to "share" them. You also may not hot link directly to our downloadable files. Not unless you want to help pay for the bandwidth costs for hosting these files. Although this blog is hosted on Blogger, I do pay for a dedicated server to host all of my large files, so just because we're using a free platform to blog from, that doesn't mean I don't have costs associated with hosting of the files, which means I don't particularly want to pay for your visitors to download my files.

2015 Business Pocket Calendar Template (PSD and PNG Formats)
2015 One Page Yearly Promo Vintage Style Calendar (PSD)
2015 Single & Double Folding Pocket Calendar Templates (PSD)
2015 Vintage One-Year Calendar Design (.jpg)
2014 Folding Pocket Calendar Templates (.psd)
3 Yr Folding Desk Calendar Template (.psd) 2013-2015
2014 Promotional Calendar Template (.psd)
2014 Yearly Calendar Templates (.psd)
2013 Pocket Calendar and Folding 3Yr Standing Calendar
2013 Yearly Photoshop Calendar Template with Photo Insert - Vintage Styles
2013 Yearly Calendar - Vintage Photo Frame Calendars
2013 Kid's Coloring Calendar
2013 Single Pocket Calendar Template for Photoshop
2013 Folding Pocket Calendar Template
2013 Yearly 1-Page Calendar in .PSD or .PNG Format
Gift Card and Calendar Template - 2012/2013
2012 Vertical Yearly Calendar Template
New 3-Year Folding Calendar for 2012 to 2014 - Fancy Top Edge
2012 Printable Poster Calendar for Kids
2012 Pocket Calendar Template and Printable Pocket Calendar
2012 16-Month Calendar Template in PSD or Transparent PNG
2012 Calendar Template in PSD File or in Transparent PNG, or Printable JPG
2011Vintage Calendar Frame and Vintage Photo Frames with Film Slides
Blank Calendar Templates - Blank Grids for Creating Monthly Calendar 
3-Year Folding Calendar Template (2011, 2012, 2013)
2011 Pocket Calendar Templates for Photoshop
2011 Photoshop Calendar Templates - 12 months, 3 colour themes + holidays
2011 Monthly Calendar Template for Photoshop
2011 Calendar Template for Photoshop and Similar Programs
2010 Calendar Template - Horizontal Format
2010 Calendar Tutorial - Updated for 2010
2008 Calendar Tutorial (with template)
Wedding Planning/Bridal Calendar - Free Template for Photoshop

This list contains links to the pages where you can find the calendars and templates throughout the site - it's way easier just to use the links above to find the years or calendar style you want than paging through each set of posts.