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These articles cover a variety of subjects from whether or not you should edit your photos to interesting books from unknown authors, and sometimes, just things I found of interest. A few were written at the request of a reader, looking for instructions or information. Some are fun (Why Photographer's Get Paid), some are resource lists, some are what you should not do (Keeping Your Photography Business Alive) and some are charitable.

Creating Simple Animated Gifs (for beginners)
Help for “Blogger” Bloggers
How to Add "Alt Text" to Your Blogger Images
How To Start a Website - General Information for the Uninitiated (read as "Newbie")
How To Use The "No Right Click" Code
Making a Screencapture with Software
Photo Editing - What is it, and Why Do it?

Canadian DMCA
Copyright and It's Gray Scale

A New Thing Is On It's Way
A World of Freedom
Circle of Light
The Eleventh Hour Project
How To Send Easy Greeting Cards
Photographer & Artist Resources for Online Sales and Galleries
Redbubble Strikes Again
Summer's Arrival and the Wild Gets Wilder
SWF Flash Files and YouTube
Taking the Plunge
Virtual Gallery Show
Why Photographer's Get Paid
Working for Charities - Orillia Animal Shelter


Keeping Your Photography Business Alive
Compositional Rules
Exposure Calculators
Exposure and Value
F-Stops and Shutter Speeds
Is This a Good Photo?
Looking After Your Investment
The Photo of a Photo
Outdoor Photography and It's Gadgets
Overexposure - What Not To Do
Photography - Painting with Light
Shooting Isolated Objects on a White Background
Shooting On White Using Natural Light
Tripods and Other Camera Supports
Wedding Cards from Photography and Art
Wedding Photography for the non-Professional
Wedding Photography for Non-Professionals – Part 2
Wedding Photography for Non-Professionals, Part 3
Wedding Photographer's Contract
The Wedding Photographer's Kit
Wedding Photographer Meets Bridezilla