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Photoshop Tutorials

We've got a variety of tutorials - mostly for beginners just starting out with the photoshop. The tutorials are easy to follow with screenshots of the steps needed to follow the tutorial instructions and cover using the basic tools (where to find them, how to use them), to some intermediate tutorials for isolating images, cloning, removing backgrounds. Some of the intermediate ones involve collage and texturing images.

Converting Raw Images with Photoshop's Raw Converter
Creating a Custom Text Logo in Photoshop
Customized Photo Envelope Template for Photoshop
Eraser Tool - Removing a Background for Beginners
Extraction Tool - Removing a Background
Pen Tool - Isolating with the Pen Tool in Photoshop
Perspective Tool - What is It and How to Use It
Photo Edges & Frames in Photoshop
Photoshop CS5 - In Review
Photoshop Elements 6 - Making a Brush in PSE6
Photoshop - Free Photo Frames, Edges & Templates
Make a Simple Silhouette in Photoshop
Making A Mother's Day Card - Selling & Buying Cards
Photo Painting in Photoshop
Photoshop Quick Mask - Lighten Dark Areas Using Quick Mask
Photoshop Quick Tips #1 - Cloning for Beginners
Photoshop Quick Tips #2 – Curves
Photoshop Quick Tip #3 - Soft Vintage Style
Photoshop Quick Tip #4 - Photoshop Eyes
Photoshop Quick Tip #5 - Funky Text
Pop-outFraming in Photoshop
Removing a Background for Beginners
Replacing the Sky in Photoshop Elements
Resizing Images Specifically for Print
Simple Colour Sketch
Simple Website Headers using Photoshop
Super Simple Curves Adjustment
Slideshows to Go!

Templates and frames that also include some tutorials on how to use them.

Wedding Planning/Bridal Calendar - Free Template for Photoshop
Vintage PNG Photo Frames - Round 2
4 Vintage Photo Frames in PNG Format
2012 Calendar Template in PSD File or in Transparent PNG, or Printable JPG
2011Vintage Calendar Frame and Vintage Photo Frames with Film Slides
Blank Calendar Templates - Blank Grids for Creating Monthly Calendar 
3-Year Folding Calendar Template (2011, 2012, 2013)
2011 Pocket Calendar Templates for Photoshop
2011 Photoshop Calendar Templates - 12 months, 3 colour themes + holidays
2011 Monthly Calendar Template for Photoshop
2011 Calendar Template for Photoshop and Similar Programs
2010 Calendar Template - Horizontal Format
2010 Calendar Tutorial - Updated for 2010
2008 Calendar Tutorial (with template)
Black Photoshop Frames - Simple Elegance
Free Photo Frames
Photo Frames for Photoshop (Templates) 
More Photo Frames